Bilingual Readings at the British Council

The Culture Café Theatre Circle and Oxford University Press present an evening of bilingual readings to celebrate the spirit of Madras Day on Tuesday August 22 at 7.00 p.m. at the British Council.
The readings explore a range of Tamil literature, rooted in the depth and richness of the Tamil language yet distinctly western in form - the original and the translated juxtapose to celebrate literature spanning a century.

On the selection for the evening . . .
When Mayavaram Vedhanayagam Pillai penned his 'Prathaba Mudhaliyar
Charithiram', the first ever Tamil novel in 1879, the presence and the
influence of the British on modern Tamil became evident. While the
wealth of writing that followed developed a style of its own, it is only
in recent times that translation has allowed access to some of these
treasures in English.
Text compiled from The Fatal Rumour [1896], B. R. Rajam Iyer [Translated by Stuart Blackburn] Muthumeenakshi [1903], A. Madhaviah [Translated by Vasantha Surya] Sangathi [1994], Bama [Translated by Lakshmi Holmstrom]

Read by Asim Sharma (in English) , Pritham K Chakravarthy (in Tamil)
Presentation compiled by Pritham K. Chakravarthy
All translations published by Oxford University Press

About Culture Café
British Council supports the Culture Café, which is an informal network of young people, particularly interested in the performing and visual arts of India and the UK. This forum focuses on both the theory and practice of drama, dance, film, design, music and literature through informed but informal group meetings, readings, seminars and workshops.

All are welcome to this show - at British Council.