In Nocchi Kuppam (on Nocchi Kuppam Beach Road, just south of the Lighthouse on Marina Beach, opposite All India Radio campus) the Kattumaram Thiruvizha which was kick-started recently, continues! Celebrating the sea-fishing heritage of Chennai on the occasion of Madras Day.

The local fish market is open daily, 8-10am and 4-6pm. This is a good place to buy fresh fish.
The Seashell Gift Shop (set opposite the Fish Market) --
is now open daily, all day.
Volunteers here can take you on guided tours about the boats, nets, boat engines, and fish catch practices.
Muthu and Lakshmi (husband and wife team) will help to co-ordinate 99402 33497.

The "Rowing Songs Demonstration" event will be held near the
Seashell Gift Shop at 5pm, Saturday, August 26. An event which showcases the songs that fishermen sing out at sea.