Design the Chennai T-shirt contest

Best Chennai T Shirt Design
Shreyas Krishnan

Here is another fun contest for the graphic/fashion/digital designers of the city in connection with Madras Day celebrations. The organisers plan to produce a Chennai T-shirt and designers/creative people are invited to send their best design that can be used on the T-shirt.

The design should reflect the spirit, uniqueness of Chennai.
It should also carry the legend - CHENNAI -inside the design or outside it. It can be done using Adobe/CorelDraw design softwares.

Submit your design as a jpeg file = submit your design as a jpeg file (700 x
700 pixels size of 150 dpi)

You may submit your design as a jpeg file to - (Or mail it to The Organisers, The Madras Day, c/o Mylapore Times, 77, C. P. Ramaswamy Road, Alwarpet, Chennai -18.) before August 10.
The best ones will get awards and certificates.

The submissions for this event will be used on T-shirts planned in in the near future.
Some sample visuals are provided above.

This will indicate what we have in mind.
If you need guidance / clarification you may e-mail -