Adyar-based Unwind Center is hosting a Madras Day special music concert during it's Live 101 show on the 25th of August. The show will include slide presentations on the history of the city and a quiz. Bands scheduled to play include Stereo Trip, Null Friction, E Flat and Easy Street.

Unwind Center is also looking for volunteers to participate in a 'Clean Up Campaign' of 3rd Cross Street, Gandhi Nagar, home of the Unwind Theatre.

Students of local schools can take part. Individuals and organizations who wish to lend a hand can come along. To get involved call Saroop on 55484352 or e-mail

Unwind Center helps to promote local talents develop through responsible rock music. It offers facilities for young musicians enabling them to learn grow and express their talents through music, in an environment free of alcohol, drugs, bad language and sexual innuendo.