Contest: Heritage of Tomorrow – Late day for submission: Aug. 25, 2021

Aim: The event aims at initiating a conversation on what people envision as the heritage of tomorrow; something that will be celebrated and, hopefully, even preserved by future generations. The goal is to interpret people’s perception of history and heritage, in order to generate viable solutions for its promotion and preservation. Furthermore, the entries shared can help identify various different kinds of heritage, some of which may have gone unnoticed, while fostering a better understanding and appreciation of the same.

How to join? Participants can choose to focus on tangible or intangible heritage. The submissions can be made in the form of images accompanied by a brief write-up of about 100 words. Participants must clearly identify and explain the chosen heritage, and what impact its preservation may have on future generations. Submissions can also include any personal connections or experiences that participants share with the chosen heritage.

Date: Entries can be submitted via email to, between 18.08.2021 and 25.08.2021. Two winners will be selected and receive exciting hampers!

Age: The competition is open to all.

Organised by Madras Inherited. Collaborators: Immersive Trails and The Kochi Heritage Project