Has there ever been a birthday party for the city of Madras, now Chennai?
Probably no.

That does not mean we should ignore this city of ours.
When the city marked its tercentenary, a rather impressive volume on the city, its people and its landmark institutions, was published.

And then, the city forgot its founding day - said to be August 22, 1639.
It was on that day, in that year, that a sliver of land, where Fort. St. George stands today, was transacted by the East India Company.

The deal was struck by Francis Day, his 'dubash' Beri Thimmappa, and their
superior, Andrew Cogan, with the local Nayak rulers.
It is believed that this deal was made on August 22, 1639.

Out of the fort, grew settlements. Then the villagea around it, were brought together. And then, the old and new townes linked up. And then we had the city.

Today, Chennai stands tall for a variety of reasons. Education, healthcare, IT, history, tourism, auto industries, movies, etc. And yes, it also has its warts.

Madras Day was an idea that three people put together - the city's famed historian, S. Muthiah, journalist Sashi Nair and publisher Vincent D' Souza.

The trio felt that Madras Day would focus on the city, its history, its past and its present. The effort was to motivate communities in the city to host events that would celebrate the city. And the start was made in 2004.

Heritage walks, school exchange programmes, talks and contests, poetry and music and quiz, food fests and rallies, photo exhibitions and bike tours . . . . these and more are the ways in which the city is celebrated.

Radio stations and hotels, schools and colleges, residents' associations and clubs, tourist bodies and state agencies . . . these and more join hands to celebrate the city.

Corporates and stores and individuals, media companies and state agencies, fund some of these events.

In 2006, events were held from August 20 to 27. The sections on events, the blog and the pictures in the gallery provides all the coverage.

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Chamiers boutique

The Park hotel

Satyam Cinemas

Unwind Centre

Quiz Foundation of India (Chennai)

PRSI (Chennai Chapter)

Vintage Heritage


Madras Book Club

Madras Musings

Avvai Kalai Kazhagam

P. S. Educational Society

Archaelogical Survey of India

Army Postal Services



Focus Art Gallery

Vintage Vignettes

Namma Mylapore

Hash Club

Mad Bulls

Prism PR

Sri Krishna Sweets

PSBB School (K. K. Nagar)

Guru Nanak School (Velachery)

Sankara Vidyashram (Thiruvanmiyur)

P. S. School (Mylapore)

Asan Memorial school (Greams Road area)

All India Radio


Radio City


TTK Healthcare Ltd., - Publication Division

Events , Hosts and Sponsors listing of Madras Day 2005

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