Stories about Madras

Do you have an interesting story about Madras? Old memories about landmarks of the city? Have you been on the trams that were plying across Madras? Unforgettable times spent at the Moore Market which was destroyed in a fire? Or of the rare trips made to the deserted Elliots Beach?

Are you one of those who used to listen to the news at the radio room on the Santhome beach? Or been at cricket matches at the Chepauk in the 60s?

Here is space to share all those anecdotes. As part of The Madras Day celebrations. Just focus on one aspect - be it Chepauk cricket or shopping at Moore Market or trams in Madras or Elphinstone Theatre off Mount Road

Post here all about life in Madras in the 40s and in the 50s and in the 60s. Post them here below. Let them be brief. About 100 words!!



:: Memorable music in Madras
It was in the mid seventies, and I was ( as I still continue to be) a passionate love of Carnatic music. One warm August evening saw me at the Sreenivasa Satri hall, Luz waiting with bated breath for the start of an unsusual music concert. . . . More

:: Movie at Wellington Theatre . . .
On Deepavali day we paid 50 paise as bus ticket in Route No. 21 and landed at Wellington Theatre . . . More

:: Madras Trams . . .
Just after the Central station and after climbing the over bridge there was a fairly long stretch alongside the Island grounds
. . .More

:: Bread peas masala on the Marina
For the nephew, a jog on the horse or a trip on the merry go round was heavens. For the uncle, it was the tasty and piping hot dish called 'bread peas masala'. . .

:: Mylapore story
The Boy Scouts used to position themselves on the pavement in front of the Mylapore Club. . .

:: Thanni thorai market

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