Walking Tour: Living Statues of Marina Beach – Aug. 28, 2016

The 9th annual Living ‘Statues of Marina Beach Walking Tour’will be held on Sunday 28 August 2016.

Meeting Point: Kannagi statue, Marina Beach (at Bharathi Salai).

Time: 7:30am.

Featuring six brief dramatic enactments (in English and Tamil) of the characters portrayed by the statues: Kannagi, NSC Bose, Thiruvalluvar, George Pope, Bharathidasan, and Avvaiyar.

Please let us know if you might like to
A) Perform one of the statue characters (in English or Tamil).
B) Read-aloud poetry by the characters (Thiruvalluvar, Bharathidasan, Avvaiyar, etc).

The suggested scripts (in English), and other details, are at www.storytellinginstitute.org/28.html .

Facilitated by the World Storytelling Institute.

To Register, please contact: info@storytellinginstitute.org , 98403 94282