A city deserves to celebrate its birthday.
And Madras, that is Chennai certainly deserves it.

So a small group of people who love this city launched a unique celebration in 2004.

The founding day of Madras is considered to be August 22, 1639.
It was on that day, in that year, that a sliver of land, where Fort. St. George stands today, was transacted by the East India Company.

The deal was struck by Francis Day, his ‘dubash’ Beri Thimmappa, and their superior, Andrew Cogan, with the local Nayak rulers. It is believed that this deal was made on August 22, 1639.

Out of the fort, grew settlements. Then the villages around it were brought together. And then, the old and new townes linked up. And then we had the city.

Today, Chennai stands tall for a variety of reasons. Education, healthcare, IT, history, tourism, auto industries, movies, etc. And yes, it also has its warts.

Madras Day celebrates the city.

Madras Day was an idea that three people put together – the city’s famed historian, S. Muthiah, journalist Sashi Nair and publisher Vincent D’ Souza. Later, they have been joined by three others – senior journalist and editor Sushila Ravindranath, journalist and web site entrepreneur Revathi R and entrepreneur and writer-historian V. Sriram.

Madras Day focuses on the city, its history, its past and its present and the core team motivates communities, groups, companies and campuses in the city to host events that celebrate the city.
Heritage walks, school exchange programmes, talks and contests, poetry and music and quiz, food fests and rallies, photo exhibitions and bike tours . . . . these and more are the ways in which the city is celebrated.

In order to enlarge participation, the Madras Day has been expanded to create the Madras Week.

In 2015, MADRAS WEEK will be celebrated from August 16 to 23.
MADRAS DAY, as always, is August 22.

If you wish to organise, collaborate or host an event for MADRAS WEEK and need guidance / info, please send an email to – themadrasday@gmail.com

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  1. Wish you all the best

  2. பல பாடங்கள் சொல்லித்தந்த மதராஸ் கொண்டாடுவோம் எல்லோரும்
    – முஹம்மது அனஸ்

  3. I have stayed in Chennai for 7+ years and have loved it for its food and its humid weather just like my hometown :)

    I still prefer it to be called Madras as they used to when I was a child and still say Madras when I talk to my friends or colleagues who sometimes are not so ok with it.

    Madras is what it should be :)

  4. hey its a beautiful website , you know what chennai will be so happy to see websites like this, so keep rocking , all the best…
    and “madras nalla madras”…

  5. It is a beautiful website and I am very proud of you, because I am a son of the soil and Chennapa Naicker Pattinam is my fore fathers land.
    My house still stands in Santhome area for 150 years which was built by my great grand father and I renovated it and I am maintaining it.
    I have a great passion for Madras because it is my homeland and all my relatives stay around my house in Santhome area.
    I am proud to put a sticker in my car “Santhome folks”
    I LOVE MADRAS and love all the sons of the soil.
    I am longing to see Madras once again like the good old days with those gentle people and calm roads.
    Will the sudden crowd will disappear and leave only the Madrases to stay in peace in their home land.

    • I am very happy that i belong to madras since my birth.
      I am also glad that my parents anniversary is celebrated on this day.
      A very happy wishes to every one living in chennai….

      • Me too..

        Expecting the city to be clean.
        Plant trees if we want tissue papers and oxygen:P

        Happy B’day to singara Chennai.

        “Singarama ooru ithu chennainu peru”


    I am proud to be Madrasi.I was born and brought-up here.
    Although I have been away from Madras for most of my working career there is no city so close to my heart.
    Inspite of the many problems we face,like the weather the water shortage the power outrages the traffic congestions it is still the most livable city in India.The pluses are the good education system,public transport system,public health system and good industies like IT and automobile.
    But I guess the crowds are not going to disappear as my good friend JEAN LAZARUS hopes because the many industies are going attract more people.
    I wish the MADRAS DAY CELEBRATION the very best

    • Dear Vivey,

      Happy to see your wishes for Madras Day Celebration.
      Advance B’day wishes and I hope you be in Madras during the celebration.
      I hope Aaron in UK would have read your message and also Iggi and Benny.
      Good old memories are always green in my mind specially the late night English movies at Midland and Casino without any worries or scared about the late night. Those where the good old days of Madras city.

  7. good good.. A hearty thanks to the people who wre celebrating the great chennai birthday.. i like to work with u.. A smile..

  8. Ganesan Pajanissamy

    Happy many more returns……

  9. I greatly appreciate the efforts taken by you all to celebrate the greatness of Madras , our very own city , that has stood the test of time and still has a unique character and style..

    A suggestion.. Why not organise poetry contests ? I am sure chennai has many young and old poets who ll love to write to about this wonderful city and it d be great to read all of them..

  10. Dr K Parameswaran

    madras is a memorable memory, a musical melody as well as a maddening medley! But to be in Madras during the December season, to wander about in its streets on windy evenings, to take part in the various art and cultural functions that happen daily in various parts of the city – no doubt it is the closest that one can see heavens when living in this world!

  11. Greetings,

    The Madras Day is one of the few heritage revival and preservation initiatives that give immense hope to those of us good Madrasamaritans who fear the total erasure of our city’s history, heritage, identity and lastly the name Madras itself. After all, a name is not just a name and there is more to it, which people should realise. There is identity and character associated with every name.

    We would love to see a wave of revival to restore all existing heritage buildings and restore old road names (which are still well in use even after being officially changed!!). Absolutely no offense to great politicians or freedom fighters, but we have lost and continue to lose huge chunks of identity and links to history through such random acts of renaming which are done so much without a second thought about all the things it would impact severely. Of course, there is no denying the fact that we would love to see our city’s name Madras restored to its official status as the English name of the city! It can coexist forever alongside சென்னை (while officially written in Tamil) like it did for more than three and a half centuries! I sincerely hope there is an awakening!

    We should adopt a seal / flag / coat of arms for the city, like some cities abroad. It should proudly read “CITY OF MADRAS” in English, “சென்னை மாநகரம்” in Tamil, and “1639”.

    Its time we did more justice to our heritage. Thank you for realising the importance and keeping this initiative alive!

    Madras City. Since 1639, forever!


    • Excellent suggestions from Abhishek. Madras is a city rich with history, and that includes its name, though whether “Madras” is an “English” name is open to debate. That history should be cherished and remembered. While Chennai is the modern avatar, Madras too will live forever.
      All the best for Madras Week.

  12. Wishing Madras Day celebs all t best!…. Looking fwd 2 t events!

  13. I am excited and thrilled that Madras Week celebrations are going from strenghth to strength. I am a regular reader of Madras Musings by Mr. Muthiah and also recently read the Book “Madras Rediscovered”. Looking forward to participate in a few events at the minimum

  14. S.N.Nageswara rao

    It’s nice to watch the celebrations becoming a movement, thanks to the efforts of the pioneers. it gives a nice feeling to belong to this historical city.Though it is changing rapidly the initiatives taken by the leaders in the forefront of the Madras Day celebrations help retain the cultural heritage of this great city.Its time more numbers join to lend strength to the leaders.
    Nageswara rao

  15. Krishnan Vasudevan

    Madras…the name is synonomous with Mylapore temples, SanThome Basilica, Mount Road mosque, the filter coffee, rendu idly oru vada sambhar, the fantastic roads and the heritage buildings. I was born and brough in South Madras and my father is a mylaporean. As a kid I was dumbstruck by his tales about Mount Road, Cafe Amin, Rayar’s cafe, Drive -in Woodlands, various cinema theatres which are not there today.
    What I love most about Madras is everything and what I hate the most is the name Chennai.
    Now the corporation wants to rename the good old names, imagine how names like Haddows, Demellows, Demonte, Sterling, Smith, Whites,Conran Smith, Edward Ellis, Halls etc etc which have been integral part of life will be soon renamed. We need to do something about this. We let Madras change to Chennai, atleast lets retain the road names.
    Special thanks to Muthiah sir for all his contributions. We love Madras….

  16. I’m always proud to born in chennai… we will always rock… unforgettable days in india with my friends… chennai is the best place ……………

  17. “Namma city,namma singara chenai” fervour is good for the health of chennaites who unlike mumbaikars,delhiwallas &babu moshais have all the time in the world to go temples,attend kacheris,pursue mammon & run for the city!

  18. I’m so happy read about the Madras Day celebration. Wish you all the very best.


  19. Awesome to see Madras day getting celebrated in a grand way.

    I was fortunate to have been born and brought up here. I had the opportunity to visit and shoot many landmarks in Chennai over the past 2 years.

    My collection of photographs can be seen at http://arvindbalaraman.com/p842039652

  20. Francis Sundar Singh

    It’s Madras Day yet again. It’s definitely a joy to be part of this historic city. I have been to several cities but nothing has come near my dear Madras. Having been born and brought up in this lovely city, I only hope and pray that Madras sees more Days like these in the years to come. Though i’m currently in Bangalore, i would ensure that i celebrate my City’s birthday without fail. All the very best to the organisers

  21. y cant conduct a documentry contest for chennai???

  22. My Memoirs of Madras in 200 words !!

    Every city has a soul, and so does my Chennai, even though not much has changed over the years, there have always been a few things which have stuck dear to my heart and I always look back and cherish those memories of Chennai which are locked in my heart forever.

    It’s been more than 20 years since I have hit mangos from the trees which were just around the corner of our street and every summer I still remember me throwing my school bag off and running with a few friends to sit on the mango trees to hit and enjoy those unlimited stock of fruits at our disposal. And nothing has been more cherishing than the journeys I used to make in those green color buses which people used to call “Pallavan Transport” with the symbolic tiger image painted on the sides…And most of all it was the charisma the city carried from its people to its temples, bullock carts, soan papdi man, the kulfi’s and what not, the city has a soul unlike no other. When I think of my childhood and the city I’ve lived, there is nothing more I miss than the name I call “My very own Madras”

    Proud to be a Madrasi
    -Vasanth G.Benjamin

    • Krishnan Vasudevan

      feeling the horripilation when you talk about “Pallavan Transport Corporation” aka PTC… Madras rocks

  23. There are two kinds of Chennaiities — those who call Madras home, and others who call it hometown.

    The non-resident Chennaities will envy the residents for the fantastic lineup of events this year.
    This one certainly does :-(.

  24. The second year in a row I am missing the events in Madras. What a pity! But thanks to Mylapore Times and Madras Musings, and the other media who cover the events well and i can re-live them from far away. Sad I cant be in the ‘walks’ by Nizhal and Sriram and also sing alongwith my group Madras Youth Choir on 27th August, to celebrate this glorious city.

  25. i have join in my school for this contest and i will win this

  26. Iam always proud to born in Chennai, and so happy
    read about the Madras Day Celebration
    and Happy more returns.

  27. I’m proud to be born and brought up in Chennai.

    This is our city that has no match to its heritage temples, month long cultural events, best-in-class public transport system (MTC & Electric Train), weekends spent in beaches and eternal tasty idlies. One cannot get all these away from our own Madras.

    I always have a strong affinity to my motherland and extremely happy to see this Chennai Week Celebrations kick-off this year :-)

    Appreciate all the hard work everyone has put in to organize this event once again!

    Hope to see a great Madras Week Celebration!!!

  28. Madras is where I was born and brought up. I was there 4 weeks ago visiting my parents who live in Adyar.I moved to the UK 16 years ago. But as they say you can take the boy out of Madras but you can never take Madras out of the boy.
    Madras or Chennai? Either as both names were on deeds as far back as the 17th century.
    Hopefully I will make it to the celebrations next year


  30. I Love Madras, Long Live madras vasis. Vazhga Tamil. Wish you all Happy Madras Day.

  31. Gr8 website…Keep up the good work…
    It’s really a happy feeling to see Madras day being celebrated nicely…I was born and brought up in Madras but am now in New Delhi for many years…Madras is the city I like the most…It’s the leading city in many areas like IT, healthcare,education,safety,etc…Above all,It’s The December Music season that I like the most…No other city organizes more than 10000 Concerts in just one month!!!
    Am really excited to see the Birthday of this beautiful city being celebrated in such a grand style…

  32. N. Krishnamoorthy

    Although I was born in Gangu Reddi Lane in Egmore, Madras, fate dragged me to many places and finally about 40 years back I returned to Madras. I stayed in North India for 17 days and every time I came home to Madras, the excitement was great. In these 40 years, Madras has changed tremendously. Who could have predicted that there would be so many over- and under-bridges and MRTS 10 years back? The cultural life in Madras is something which is the envy of the whole country. Not a single day passes withpout there being a music concert, dance programme, or religious discourse in some part of the city. Only if the traffic rules are followed by the people and the number of two and four wheelers is controlled, Madras will surely become a paradise.

  33. Santhosh Ranganathan

    Lets shout to the world, my MADRAS to have its birthday.

    Always MADRASAPATINAM/MADRAS/CHENNAI rockssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

  34. Chennai@Madras photographs are delightful to say the least. In this connection the new film entitled MAdrasa patnam seemed to have been a hit.The famed historian Sri S.Muthiah is running a fortnightly in English called ‘Madras Musings ‘ Which cares for Madras@Chennai
    Mr.Vincent desouza a vibrant journalist and editor of Mylapore and Adyar Times has been very active in observing ‘Madras Day’ every year in the month of August. We can ALL now strengthen his hands to keep the pleasant musings of Madras.Kudos to Raghu for photos!

  35. Madras, means pride to us all. When we were school students in the late fifties and early sixties, we used to visit the Children’s Theatre (later christened Kalaivanar Arangam). We would finish our morning shift in the school, have lunch, go to the children’s theatre, get a ticket for 0.06 paise (0.12 paise for adults) and used to watch beautiful movies. Among them notable are two films we can’t forget in our lifetime – The Amphibian Man and Operation Tiger. Prefixing the films would be documentary by Tamil Nadu Police, Singanadham Kaetkudhu starring popular stars incl. Nadigar Thilagam. When I wanted to recollect my past here, by sheer coincident, I came across the link for the movie, Amphibian Movie. I thought I would share with my contemporaries the memories of that movie. I am giving below the link:
    This was a Russian movie of the year 1961, but was screened in Madras in mid-60s.
    Hope you enjoy recollecting the past.
    Hope also that there are my contemporaries in the netizens who might visit this site and share their nostalgia.


  36. There is an error in the documentary name made by Police, it was Ungal Nanban which was produced by the Police department. Singanadham ketkudhu was also screened.
    And also want to mention the film Alaudinum Arpudha Vilakkum, a black & white film, screened at the Children’s Theatre.

  37. Hi I am proud to say that i am belongs to Madras, born and brought up in Madras and i am very proud to inform you that T.Nagar ( Sir Pitty Thyagaraya Chetty) is named after my great grand father. I am from his generation. We have college, school and trust on his name. And you can see his full size statue in the corporation of Chennai lawn. The chief Minister is used to garland him on his birth day. There is a hall in his name in T.Nagar. So i am really really a happy to say that i am a Madrasi. Let us celebrate the Madras week with full of joy and enthusiastically.

    • Chandrasekaran M K

      Do you have any photographs of those days, News Papers, Magazine, Books, coins etc. etc. as I am interested to collect / preserve & display in Madras Day celebrations.

      I am also a Madarasi, born & brought up in Madras.
      Life member in Madras Coin Society.
      I do collect any thing related to Madras.

  38. Wonderful to note that Madras Day – indeed, the spirit of a true Madras person – is commerated each year.

    As a child of Mylapore, I applaud this muchly much!

  39. சென்னயில் இருப்பது பெருமை யாய் இருகிறது எல்லோருக்கும்


  40. What an experience it was,
    listening to cricket!
    Cricket commentary during
    the 1960s and 70s was
    a great experience for us. We
    were students of Government
    Arts College in 1961 and five
    of us who were studying in
    PUC there were cricket
    We wanted India to win all
    matches, but India was almost
    always at the receiving end.
    Pankaj Roy and Vinoo
    Mankad used to open the Indian
    batting, facing the speed
    of Gilchrist and Hall without
    helmets. Mind you Roy was
    bespectacled and was never
    hurt! Such was the technique
    with which they played the
    game in those days!
    There was no TV in those
    days and we were dependent
    on the radio. During college
    working days we used to go to
    a small radio shop to listen to
    the commentary. The shop
    owner would switch off the set
    and tell us one valve was defective.
    He would say that the
    cost of the valve was Rs. 5 and
    we used to forego our lunch
    and part with the money. He
    would then say that he was
    hungry and we would get him
    masala dosai from nearby
    Swamy’s Cafe in Mount Road.
    After all this, he would switch
    on the radio and we would
    hear Vizzy narrating the game
    in his own style. Once, India
    lost both openers cheaply and
    one down was Vijay Manjerekar
    and 2 down Vijay Hazare
    and 3 down Polly Umrigar
    who were all our for a paltry
    25. Vizzy exclaimed, ‘Vinachakala
    Vibaritha Buddhi’
    meaning ‘misfortune never
    comes single!’
    Listening to radio commentaries
    was a thrill in those days.
    Nowadays, cricket can be
    watched from the drawing
    room, but we can never forget
    the golden voices of John
    Arlott and Brian Johnston of
    England, Michael Charlton
    and Alan McGilvary of
    Australlia, Dicky Rutnagur
    from the West Indies and the
    likes of Berry, Ananda Rao,
    Balu Alaganan and Narottam
    Puri of India.
    Cricket commentary was
    the golden aspect of the audio
    revolution and even TV cannot
    S. Venugopalan
    7A, Prasanthi Apartments TMM
    St Vannathurai
    Chennai 600 041

  41. Its going to be around five years in Madras ……. I love this name ……the name I had been thought in my primary school ….. the name through which this city is famous among all the people in my remote village Bijulpur ,Bihar ….. I love the culture , people and the way they help you out from the situations (exceptions are bound to be there …. ……..)……..

    I always feel happy by saying Namma City Namma Madras…….

  42. happy birthday madras(chennai)
    chennai is my home town where i had breathed the first breath
    chennai can be busy,crowded bud its the main characteristic of the city which i like . madharasipatinam ,a film which describes the city life in the colonial period . i love it….
    chennai a place where we can see all the type of emotions .
    once again ,we all wish chennai a happy birthday!!!!!

  43. I had gone through all replies and am happy to hear postive feed back from different state peoples (govan, ap, kerela and n. indian).

    am proud of madrasi though out of india past 10 years. We realzie city value when your out country or state…

    Let us celeberate madras day. Enoy movie with madras pattinam also.

  44. Today is my birthday dude……

    • Even my b’day too……….No wonder why Iam so crazy with my own Madras………….Poor Iam missing the city for the past 15 long long years…………..

  45. Have been a die-hard Madrasi (and no, i don’t consider it a pejorative to be identified thus) all my life and consider it the best place to live in (should admit I’m biased). Like the ring of the word Madras more than Chennai – was glad to note recently that Bahrain Airport still calls the destination Madras in all its announcements.
    Have lived in Mandavalli most of my life – across Kapali Talkies (actually more time at Kapali Talkies than at home) – many are the wonderful memories of a movie at Kapali Talkies or Kamadenu (max ticket price was Rs.2.90), semiya bagala bath at Sukha Nivas (I challenge any other hotel to come up with a semiya bagala bath better than that), ice cream from the Rita or Milka push carts, rides on routes 21, 29C, 4 or 41 on Pallavan, arupathi moovar festival with trinkets purchased on the streets, gigantic processions (still remember the one by Sivaji Ganesan fans one time when he was miffed at being ignored by the Congress leadership – Gundu Rao was the chief guest and the main point was at Luz Corner-horses, elephants, chariots with people dressed as characters from his movies), trips to the beach with packed food to be eaten under the full moon (no cops chasing you off), butter biscuits from Kerala Bakeries, first bhel pooris from Shanti Vihar, dinner treats at Hotel Maris and Woodlands, waiting for the Oliyum Oliyum on Fridays, Chitrahaars on Wednesdays, and the movies on Sunday, cursing at Vazhalum Vaazhvum if you happen to switch on the TV before time, listening to cricket commentaries on AIR, waiting avidly for the signature tune in the morning, going to sleep at 8 PM (the whole city did) – memories, memories….
    Not sure if any other city celebrates its founding on such a grand scale year after year – kudos to all those who are involved with this.

  46. I love Madras and the name “Madras” rather than Chennai. I am here for the past 6 yrs an I am proud to be in our state Capital.

  47. Keerthi Vignesh Kumar

    A trip to Chennai From Madarasapattinam (I would like to differ from the movie!!!)…… Enjoying Chennai at its Best…….. The rains, the cool climate, the cool air …. Chennai … to me you are more beautiful than any city in this world…..


  49. hi…this is mughais and it feels really proud that i was born and brought up here…happy madras day to all those chennaites whu luv this city…


  51. Muralidharan P Seshadri

    Thanks to Muthiah and others who kept the Old Madras memories alive with their writings and publishing of old photographs. The seed they have sown has own grown to become a movement. Thanks to this website – the Madras folks around the world can join to celebrate Madras B’day. Soon Madras Day will be celebrated by ‘Madrasans’ (I prefer to call the Madras borns that way as Madarasi has a bad connotation – thanks to our Northern bretheren)all over the world.
    Happy Birthday Madras / Chennai.

  52. Good or Bad – For me Chennai is Heaven always.

  53. Please kindly do not mix TAMIL with MADRAS and its Birthday.As A city deserves to celebrate its birthday.
    And Madras, that is Chennai certainly deserves it.
    So a small group of people who love this city launched a unique celebration in 2004.
    The founding day of Madras is considered to be August 22, 1639.
    It was on that day, in that year, that a sliver of land, where Fort. St. George stands today, was transacted by the East India Company.
    The deal was struck by Francis Day, his ‘dubash’ Beri Thimmappa, and their superior, Andrew Cogan, with the local Nayak rulers.
    It is believed that this deal was made on August 22, 1639.
    But what concerns us is that they did buy the land from the Vijaynagar king on August 22, 1639 and Madras was born.
    But what that has got to do with TAMIL is frivolous.

  54. Though I am now staying away from Chennai (my soulful city) since a long long time……..I always fantasize by its name……….I am always proud to be born and raised in Chennai………..Now recently I came to know of this Madras Day as 22nd Aug and this is also the date I was born……….Hope that’s why chennai is so close to my heart and soul.

  55. TAMIL and MADRAS being two different Identies,The city of MADRAS represents an illustrious population of different languages,cultures and aptitudes,only as any city deserves to celebrate its birthday.
    And Madras, that is Chennai certainly deserves it.
    So a small group of people who love this city launched a unique celebration in 2004.
    The founding day of Madras is considered to be August 22, 1639.
    It was on that day, in that year, that a sliver of land, where Fort. St. George stands today, was transacted by the East India Company.
    The deal was struck by Francis Day, his ‘dubash’ Beri Thimmappa, and their superior, Andrew Cogan, with the local Nayak rulers.
    It is believed that this deal was made on August 22, 1639.
    But what concerns us is that they did buy the land from the Vijaynagar king on August 22, 1639 and Madras was born.
    But what that has got to do with TAMIL is frivolous.

  56. i am proud to be a madrasian

  57. I am very proud off an chennai citizen……




  59. Hello! I am really elated to see and know about the heritage of Madras! Krishnabai-Babu

  60. We always follow the english from dress to law, to be short in everything. Let us also follow de same in madras B’Day also. 3 cheers for madras day.

  61. Good

  62. Iam very much proud and happy as a chennai citizen.

  63. ganesh RajKamal


  64. I Love chennaipattinam,very nice city.

  65. I was born and bought in madras. I love to be here more than anywhere else. I feel it is my mother house.

  66. madras day is a wonderful day it si a day which madras born people admire and enjoy

  67. I am proud of born in madras (chennai) because, chennai is a good city. Chennai people help of doing good to the people coming from other place

  68. Madras Presidency Celebrating the Madras day
    Wish You Advance Happy Birthday Wishes to our Great CHENNAI……..

  69. You are doing a great work. Congrats. Madras has inspired me by giving lots of opportunities to aspire for higher things in Life.


  70. i am proud to be a chennaite

  71. I feel proud to say,to write and to feel that i am a chennaite. i was born and brought up in chennai that too particularly the george town area which is the original chennai. Though it has been called as a conjested area, still i love chennai my town and ofcourse a wonderful town which has all facilities and hospitality to any extent. Only thing i regret is the language which has been portraited as a cheap gesture that “chennai tamil” which is not a fault of chennai. A place which extends its warm hands to people from all neighbouring states has changed the originality of language due to urbanisation and mixture of many languages.


  73. chennai day very happy day.happy chennai day

  74. it is really useful for kids and other people
    thank you.


  76. Hi!!! Chennai Happy Birthday:)

  77. HI GUYS,

  78. When I say thetres I mean many theatres which screened good films till 1975 when TV cult became the habit of Chennaites@Madrasis.During our college days in the 1960s we used to go to films in a group of 10+ friends on a Dutch basis of economics.Dutch means in colloquial terms’that that man that that money’ meaning the expenditure would be equally shared by all.Our life used to start only after dinner and we enjoyed all the night!
    We used to target Mount Road then which housed many theatres.Notable among them were ODeon,Midland,New Globe,Wellington,Casino,Gaiety and Chitra.Going to a film was a very big experience in those days.While Wellington used to screen Gemini SS Vasans films all the while regularly other theatres screened varied films.ODeon,Globe and Casino usually had English filsms and Tamil films on a sort of change basis.Midland usually had English movies. New Elphinstone used to screen all South Indian language films.Once I took a teenager to the famed “BEcket’ starring Peter Otoole and we were not allowed inside since it was an’ Adults’ Only’ Movie.But ultimately over a cup of Quality Ice Cream we were allowed to watch the movie.Incidentally my teenager friend was none other than the ‘Lava Kusa’ fame master Murali who is now one of the big auditors of Chennai whose dad is the famed Kalasagarm Rajagopal the famed Sculprtor of Yogi Ram Surathkumar of
    Tiruvannaamali.Incidentally I am proud to be the son of Chitti Sundarajan famed Manikkodi writer.It was still green in our memories that we used to take tea after midnight at Cafe Irani at Mount Road and walk back to Mylapore sinc buses were not aavailable during nights.All this fun would take place during saturday night outs which was reglar in our college days. We are still in touch but watch movies only ovr the TVs only as we are all Senior Citizens!

  79. I expect that Chennai still remains a city of culture & heritage. Let there be modernisation but everything within a limit.

  80. as a journalist ihave spend last 30 years in madras.as an assistant to late veteran director g.v iyer stayed in kodambakkam.this was surrounded by all longuage cine people. this is my life univercity .ilearn lot from here. ilove it .iwant to dedicte my body to this cine land

  81. happy birthday chennai u ROCK

  82. happy b’day Chennai

  83. Happy Birth Day to OUR CHENNAI..!

  84. I am very proud to be chennai citizenship for past 15 years

    steam engine tranfer to electrification

    tram tranfer to bus

    anti – corruption day for chennai

  85. Chennai happy birthday valga tamil valamotan

  86. I <3 Chennai

  87. Chennai, you are the best. Happy 372nd birthday!

  88. Happy Madras Day !




  90. Chennai <3 <3 <3
    my b'day on August 21 . . . nd i'm very proud the Madras Day 's next day . . . a proud chennai . . . no MADRAS KID . . .luv yu madras :) :) :)

  91. The City which teaches all the good things for a person to grow

  92. I wish chennai to be renamed as MADRAS coz i remember in my child-hood days in my mom’s village people talk admiring about my city with the name MADRAS.I was called MADHRAS PAAPA…

  93. HaPpIe Born day Chennaiiiiiiii :-)

  94. I love Madras. And i feel proud to belong to that place. Who can forget the journey in Pallavan bus and cinemmas in Kapali, Eros and kamadhenu theatres.Happy Madras Day

  95. Born and brought up in Madras, I am thankful unto God-Jesus for this great city!

    U & I


  97. I am proud to be a Madrasi. Keep the city clean. This celebration should make, everyone to respect the culture and heritage of the soil.

    I remember that in my childhood the river now called as “Koovam” a dirty water, is a clean drinking water river. Time changed my city dirty and crowd.

    May god bless my city. Happy Madras Day!

  98. I am proud to be a Madrasi..I wish chennai to be renamed to old “Madras”.

  99. Happy Madras Day, Dudes!

    I am proud of my city

  100. Best wishes to all the residence of chennai on the occasion of “Madras Day”.I am happy to be a resident of chennai which is culturally more vibrant than Other metros.Together as a residence of chennai let us work hard to make our city clean and green.If every one of us take care of neighborhood Our city will more beautiful.I pray to god that Chennai should be as peaceful as ever before

  101. i like chennai very much

  102. I simply love my city very much no words to say and fantasy of city is mtc and suburban trains it was part of my life my oly wish is i had birth in this beautiful city where i like to have my death also

  103. Manoj Kumar Jha

    My Chennai, I care. Chennai is the best & Safest among the metro cities of India. I am proud of my city. Best wishes to the citizen of Chennai. Thanks & Regards.


  105. A Chennaite for 13 long years, currently I am away from my city for a long span of 4 years (right from PG studies).. It feels immense pleasure when someone ask me where are you from and I say Chennai or Madras..What really makes me love Chennai, is its blend of orthodoxical and Modernized culture. From Carnatic music to Gazhals to rock concert, from Bharatnatyam to cinematic dance to Western dance, the city maintains an equilibrium between different cultures..

    Finally let me say I love Chennai/Madras..

  106. ennamakannu matharzu enna summava athoda seerappu mathiiri varuma namma indiaula nnithale innikuthume summava vazga chennai innum pala 100 andume bye……….

  107. i love my chennai city
    Chennai, you are the best. Happy 372nd birthday!

  108. Just returned from a visit to the city where I grew up … Driving on the VK Bridge across the Adyar, I could see the remnants of the old Elliots Bridge still standing … the new Chennai has come up, and, we can still see touches of the old Madras left standing … Felt so nostalgic and would have loved to be part of the celebration … All the best

  109. hi madras alias chennai

    I am very pretty. marvelous. Wonderful and totally changed in madras alias chennai. i am very proud of born this century. my wishes for chennai peoples and overall. thank you


  110. hi madras alias chennai

    I am very pretty. marvelous. Wonderful and totally changes in madras alias chennai. i am very proud of born this century. my wishes for chennai peoples and overall. thank you. Advance happy brithday chennai.


  111. It’s Madras Day yet again. It’s definitely a joy to be part of this historic city. I have been to several cities but nothing has come near my dear Madras. Having been born and brought up in this lovely city, I only hope and pray that Madras sees more Days like these in the years to come. Though i’m currently in Bangalore, i would ensure that i celebrate my City’s birthday without fail. All the very best to the organisers

  112. all the best

  113. tharu maru chennai

  114. Happy Birthday my dear Madras…..I realize when I booked ticket at Melbourne … Bangkok to Madras…I insist to book to chennai, immediately the travel agent reply i couldn’t find that a place he asked me which country it belongs to? I remembered chennai is only for india not for the entire world. Soon I asked to book Bangkok to Madras…finally I got ticket Becos, its MAA – Belongs to Madras Airport Authority…It happen on 6 years back still continue….2006 Dec. I hope the present govt and all of us who mentioned above will insist the govt to rename the same Madras from Chennai….eventhough chennai has lot of changes I feel if Madras Name came back as a one of four metro in india will fulfill everyone’s thought. Not only to madras people, tamilnadu and entire world. We need seperate flag, emblem and all like abroad…someone feels like it as seperate country….we are not doing like that, but we need identity to our country and entire world must see back as “Madras” Will the govt do it now…Please once again I request to all and Mr. Muthiah to insist to rename the name Madras ….Plz Hope to see Madras in January 2013 or Again rename the name Madras – Madras Day in 2013….!!!!



  117. love u

  118. Chennai is the best and super city in india and world,

  119. Happy Birthday My City

  120. being a chennai boy, i love this day….
    it as to be celebrated in the big way…………

  121. Happy bithday “MADRAS”

  122. Happy bday chennai!!!Chennai is the best place to live in among the metros in INDIA and i can vouch for it.Proud to be a chennaite:-)

  123. Citizen of Madras

    Wishing Madras a Happy 373rd Anniversary, once again! Let us be proud of being part of Madras. I see many people referring to our dear city as Chennai here. That is fine as they may have known Madras as Chennai from the time they knew about it. I expected them to refer to our beloved city as Madras. :) This is meant to celebrate Madras as it used to be in the glorious past AND how we grew up here. After all, those who were born and brought up here will know the exact feeling, whatever be the name they refer to. Celebration of Madras week is paramount. Finally, those who ‘lived’ in Madras or were ‘part of’ Madras will only understand the import the city has. Something seems to be missing when somebody says or writes ‘Chennai’ – it appears to be artificial. We continue to refer to our dear city as Madras just as some people refer to it as Chennai.

  124. Singara chennai ku pirantha naal vazhtukal :)

  125. HI Madras,






  126. wishing u success always…

  127. many more happy returns of day dear Maddras Patanam

  128. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapppppppppppieeeeee B’dy CHENNAI…
    I Luv Chennai<3

  129. Royapuram Rockerrzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz:)


  130. Pradeep Prabhakaran

    Love you Madras :)

  131. I was born and brought up in Chennai. I have lived there for 21 years. Recently shifted to Pilani. There is not a single day which passes without memories of Chennai. Surely, waiting for a vacation in Chennai.

  132. ரகு பெரியசாமி

    ஜாதி, மதம், இனம், மொழி, நிறம் இவை அனைத்தையும் கடந்து உலகில் உள்ள அனைவரையும் ஒன்றாக திரட்டி வாழ வைத்துக் கொண்டிருக்கும் தமிழகத்தின் தலை நகரமான சென்னையின் சிறப்புகளை நாம் அனைவரும் சந்தோசமாக கொண்டாடுவோம் .

    ### HAPPY MADRAS DAY ###

  133. All the best to Sir S Muthiah and team for making Madras Day 2013 a success

  134. This is a wonderful initiative. All of us need to celebrate ourselves more. Love that this is getting so much corporate support.

    I do have a pet peeve, however. We celebrate Madras day on the day the brits built a fort… Whereas the Kabaleshwarar temple in Mylapore was built around the 7th Century… Mylai was among the oldest of the villages that today comprise Chennai/Madras. The Kalikambal temple probably predates the fort as well.

    I do appreciate that dates are harder to fix for these old structures, but perhaps mention should be made of these predecessors to the fort. I would say that building the fort was probably the oldest event to which we can assign a date and hence we run with it. I wouldn’t say that the fort is the foundation of Chennai. That would be a lie.


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