Madras380 – A Special PhotoWalk: A Garden in the City – Aug. 18, 2019

Can you believe that there is a huge garden in the heart of the Chennai city where you can see fragrant jasmine flowers and fresh veggies being grown?
Come along, as the Chennai Photowalk team plans to visit this garden again and enjoy the greenery & freshness that is unseen / unheard of, within the city limits.

At the garden, you can spot jasmines, lady’s finger, chillies, brinjals, greens and many other cash crops. Do remember to carry a bag to finish your shopping! 😀

To top it, spot the flights taking off or landing in the background.

Event detail: August 18, 2019 (Sunday) at 6.30 am to 8.30 am

Starting Point –

Registration: THIS IS A FREE PHOTOWALK, but REGISTRATION IS MANDATORY (Please fill the Google form below).


Walk Lead: Balaji (9962515330)

Points to be noted:
1) Please use google maps to locate the starting point, as the Walk Leader might not be able to help you in directions to a large extent in such a location.
2) Ask for the “entrance of the thottam” for directions, after you reach Anna Street or neighbourhood.
3) Carry some cloth bag with you, if there are any vegetables that you may want to buy that day from the farm directly if it is available.
4) Cars can’t go beyond the mud track, so you will have to walk a lot.