Multimedia Presentation Contest for city schools – Aug. 20, 2019

This contest is held in connection with MADRAS DAY 2019 (Aug. 22 is celebrated as Madras Day)
which celebrates our city. The contest encourages city school students to explore Chennai’s heritage and
present the topic given to you in multi-media form. This contest has been held for the past 16 years.


GUIDELINES: Choose three old shops ( at least over 30/40 years in business) in your area which all have their own history and placs in your area. Study the families who set them up, the old styles of business and marketing, the generational changes in each shop and their management and the old looks, character that remain. Take classy photos, make notes, talk to people in the know.
Then, put it down in a snappy Power Point Presentation for the ‘live’ Contest

< The contest is open to school children studying in classes 8 to 12.

< A school can send only one team. Each team MUST have 3 members and all 3 members must take turns to make this one presentation.


1. Ask your school teacher-adviser to seek the approval of your theme from the organisers.
E-mail to – – and get the okay from us BEFORE YOU START start work on the project.

2. We look for multi-media rich projects so make sure your project has all features in it. Focus to be on heritage/histories.

3. The Power Point presentation must have only key points and visuals. Not packed with info.
(On each slide, you must have a maximum of just 3 lines, each line 5 words only).

4. At the contest venue, your team of 3 students will take turns at the mike to present the project using the PP. You can use your notes for reference as your speak. The presentation in PowerPoint on the approved theme will have to be done by all the three participants. It can be done in English or in Thamizh or a mix!

5. The duration of the complete presentation – PowerPoint and Oral – should not exceed 10 minutes.
Participants should be prepared to answer on-the-spot questions from the judges.

6. The PowerPoint presentation NEED NOT BE submitted to the organizers. The team should retain a copy of your project on a pen-drive or copy it to an electronic device and bring it to the venue of the contest. The organiser will provide a PC and a projector at the venue to help you make your presentation.

7. The contest is open to first 20 teams to register on first-come-first-serve basis.

8. The contest will take place on Aug.20, Tuesday from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm with a 30 mins. lunch break (you need to bring your lunch!). Venue: Srinivasa Sastri Hall, Luz, Mylapore. (Report at 9 am to download your PP onto our PC)

9. The best THREE presentations will be awarded TROPHIES, gifts and certificates. All participants will be given certificates. The prizes will be given at about 3.30 pm.

10. Prizes will be awarded based on quality of research / quality of visuals and points / presentation format and answers to the questions posed by the judges.

This event is supported by Mylapore Times, the neighbourhood newspaper and South India National Association (SINA), Luz.

There are over 100 events held for Madras Day/ Madras Month.