Talks / Conversations

Marrying into Madras — a panel discussion – Aug. 23, 2016

Four Chennai expats will discuss the joys, challenges and experiences of marrying a Chennai-ite. They are:

1. Deborah Thyagarajan ( American and art historian. Her husband, the late Mr. Thiagarajan, a businessman.)

2. Miri Vasu from south Korea (she is into hospitality management, her husband P G Vasudeva or Vasu is in the hotel business in Chennai);

3. Shannon Zirkle-Prabhakar, an American photographer, wife of Chennai businessman Rohan Prabhakar

4. Peter Claridge from the UK, businessman and writer, author of the book “Chennai Expat Guide”. Wife: Swapnil Midha, a Punjabi who has lived in Chennai all her life, a marketing and copywriting consultant.

Moderator of the panel discussion: Nina John, a former District Governor of Toastmasters International, an entrepreneur and a business mentor.

At Hotel Savera. At 6.30 p.m.
Joint meeting of four Rotary clubs organized by Rotary Club of Madras South — open only to Rotarians.

The Speaking Groves – A talk on Sterling Road and its vicinity – Aug. 23, 2 016

Speakers: Saranya Narayan and Usha Kumar
Time: Between 4 and 6 p.m.
The focus is on a sliver of Chennai which still breathes Madras and remains almost the epicentre of the city. The speakers would unravel the heritage of the tree laden avenue known as Sterling Road which leads to Tank Bund Road and further to Nungambakkam Railway station and beyond. People, institutions and memories will be the fodder for this presentation.

Saranya Narayan and Usha Kumar have been residents of the area for over fifty years and friends and school mates for almost the same number of years.

Usha is a partner in one of the City’s reputed travel agencies, Magellan Travel Services (P) Ltd. and is a history buff, a blogger of sorts, a quiz enthusiast and a keen observer of the world around.

Saranya is a Doctor by profession and is a Co-founder and Medical Director of Jeevan Blood Bank and Stem Cell Bank. Her other interests are travelling with a bucket list that seems to be ever expanding, experimenting with new recipes, reading and writing.

Usha can be reached on: 9840069129 and Saranya on: 9840419809.

Venue: A 128-year-old residence belonging to the Indian Railways at 139 – YAMUNA, Bungalow, Southern Railway Officer’s Enclave, Sterling Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai 600034. Opposite Konica Photo Studio.