Video Series

Online video series: Saints of Madras – Aug. 18, 2020 onwards

A short video series about the saints of Madras by Padmapriya T S.

Madras is an amalgam of several ancient villages that date back before the city was born. During Madras week every year, we touch upon primarily the British history, or the local heritage. I thought it is significant to also speak about the various saints who walked Madras through short youtube videos that can be accessed at convenience. These videos will be uploaded on my youtube channel – Padmapriya T S – ( ). A neighbourhood based approach will be used for this series – the first video to be launched this week is on the saints of Mylapore. This will be followed by Tiruvotriyur, Velachery, Tiruvanmiyur and the rest of Madras.

Padmapriya Baskaran is a Cost and Management Accountant by training and heads a UK based NGO. She is a heritage blogger, who blogs at Aalayam Kanden (, passionate about creating awareness on lesser-known heritage sites. She has founded the Aalayam Kanden Trust in 2011 through which she has carried out several heritage documentation and cultural cartography projects. For two and a half years, she researched heritage sites along the Cooum river to bring respect and visibility to it with the objective that if people knew the river better, they would treat it better. This study resulted in a publication titled God’s of the Holy Koovam in 2017. She conducts walks and speaks on various heritage topics.