For Children: Treasures of the Madras Museum – Aug. 26, 2023

Treasures of the Madras Museum… and some spooky stories.

Relics of our international trade 3000 yrs ago, one of the most beautiful buildings in Madras, fine examples of wood carving to weapons from Tanjore that are more beautiful than gory and some with spooky stories and both the good and evil of Madras under British rule, the Anthropology gallery in the Madras Museum has stories to make us go wow! Or yuck! Hear a few from historian Dr.Pradeep Chakravarthy.

Time 3pm to 4pm
Date 26 Aug 2023 Saturday.
Meeting point – Buy your tickets and meet me beside the black water tank beside the entrance to the Anthropology Gallery at 3PM.

Instructions –

Primarily for children studying in classes 7/8/9 accompanied by one parent. Some exhibits will be weapons with some gory details, so you can feel free to skip that part.

Adults are welcome to attend on their own, though the focus is for children.

3 to 4pm. – storytelling in 5 spots of the Anthropology section of the Museum.

Feel free to wander about after the tour till the museum closes at 5pm.

Please confirm your participation by mailing the name, age contact number to