Talk: Bohra Muslims of Madras – Aug. 17, 2020

By Ms. Tasneem Akbari Kutubuddin (Journalist)

Online. Facebook Live: 
At 7.00 p.m.

Organised by Organised by Quaide Milleth International Academy of Media Studies & Foundation for South Indian Studies

The Gujarathi speaking Bohra Muslim community is said to have arrived in Madras as early as 1800s. They have since then contributed actively to the city’s legacy. Most have settled in Georgetown and have been engaged in business and trading hardware. The community has its own mosques, has established school and community spaces and and they largely retain their lifestyle, food and dressing.

Ms. Tasneem Akbari Kutubuddin has done her Masters in Journalism & Communication and has worked as a senior journalist, editor and columnist for leading publications like The Logical Indian, Deccan Chronicle, Worldwide Media Corporation, The Bridge and Provoke. She is currently contributing to a women’s portal. Belonging to the Bohra community, her ancestors were the first Bohra Muslim settlers in Chennai and she has been documenting the history of the Bohra settlement in Chennai.