Talk: Rejuvenating the CITY – Penang and Chennai – Aug. 18, 2020

By Mr. Hamdan Abdul Majeed (Managing Director, Think City), in conversation with Dr. A Srivathsan, (Professor, CEPT University, Ahmedabad).

Online. Facebook Live:
At 7.00 p.m.

Organised by Quaide Milleth International Academy of Media Studies & Foundation for South Indian Studies

Mr. Hamdan Abdul Majeed is the Managing Director of Think City, a social purpose organization with the mission of making cities more people-friendly, resilient and liveable. As a regional city making agency, Think City provides urban policy thinking and supports the management and implementation of urban solutions while advocating change in the way cities are planned, curated, developed, and celebrated. Think City’s work has reversed the decline of George Town, Penang, putting it on the international list of 10 Best Places to Visit. Hamdan has been actively involved in shaping urban policy and plans in Malaysia including more recently, Penang 2030, a state government initiative with the vision of a family-oriented, green and smart Penang.

Dr. A. Srivathsan is an architect and urban designer, and currently Director, Center for Research on Architecture and Urbanism, CEPT University Ahmedabad. He was previously the Academic Director of the University, and before that taught for a decade and worked as a senior journalist with The Hindu, the national newspaper. His research and writings include the themes of urban history, planning policies and contemporary architectural practices.