Walk at the Bronze Gallery, Govt. Museum, Egmore – Aug. 21 & 27, 2011

Walk led by Pradeep Chakravarthy

Walk A – Aug 21 from 3PM to 345PM at the Bronze Gallery, Government Museum, Egmore.

Walk B –  Aug 27 from 3PM to 345PM at the Bronze Gallery, Government Museum, Egmore.

Amongst the greatest craft forms in the world, the bronzes of Tamil Nadu will surely make it to the list! The earliest bronze is said to be from the seventh century BC and by the 14th century, bronzes were literally images of Gods and Goddesses cast in metal! Their beauty, grace, divinity make them coveted possessions in temples, museums and private collections the world over.

The guided tour of the Bronze Gallery of the Government Museum, Madras, will trace the development of the bronzes in style and concept. Owing to the chronological display, we can clearly observe how bronzes can help us date images accurately. The stylistic differences from the Bronzes of the Pallava, Chola and Vijayanagara period are similar to images in stone as well.

1.      Anyone who is older than 35 will HAVE TO register with a younger person who is either in school (class 5 or above) or in college. Registrations without young people will NOT BE acknowledged. You can assure the youngsters that they will learn something that will help them in their careers and there will be no dates they need to remember.

2.      The Walk is free but you need to report outside the bronze gallery after you have purchased a ticket at the Museum. Allow an extra 15min for this.

3.      A total of 10 people (including the younger members) per walk.

4.      Send in your name and the number of people who will accompany you to pradeepandanusha@gmail.com on or before Aug 1st. the subject of the mail should have the date for the walk you prefer.

5.      Confirmations will be emailed by 16th and will be on a First Come First Served basis provided you give in names of younger people also.

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