Waves of conversion : Heritage walk – Aug. 25, 2013

Waves of conversion!

Tiruvanmiyur in 7-8th Century: A landmark on the Vadagu Peruvazhi (as the ECR was known in Chola times), Tiruvanmiyur. Marundeeswarar Temple is a great place in Madras to understand the work of the Shaivaite saints in reconverting Tamilians in the Chola times to Hinduism from Jainism and Buddhism. The 30-minute walk will explore the sadly modernised temple and help understand how religion and politics mingled for mutual benefit in the 6-9th Centuries. Using the hymns on the temple, we will recreate how Tiruvanmiyur looked in those times and how the conversion techniques the saints used can teach the modern management expert a thing or two about achieving lasting changes in institutions.

Date: Sunday, 25th August 7.30-8 a.m. Meeting spot will be announced to those whose registration is accepted.

The walk is free and will not focus on the religious aspect of the temple – there will be no time in the walk to offer worship, please plan for that separately.
Please dress appropriately for a house of worship. No shorts please!
Participants above 40 cannot register unless they bring with them a school (class 8 and above) or college student. This is the best way we can get younger folks interested and they will get enough information that will help them in their careers. The student doesn’t necessarily have to be someone you even remotely know; so please don’t ask for exceptions!
No more than 30 participants.

Registrations to Pradeepandanusha@gmail.com on or before August 11th, 12 noon.
No transport/food arrangements for the walk.


  1. K venkat

    I would like to participate. IT professional

    1. Admin Madras Day (Post author)

      Please register on the phone number give above


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