Photo Exhibition: Sights and Sites of Madras – Aug. 19 to 31, 2012

Venue : Seminar hall,  Dakshinachitra
Time : 10.30 am to 6  pm except Tuesdays
The Photographic Society of Madras (PSM)was founded in 1857 by Dr. Alexander Hunter and the Honorable Walter Elliot. One of the earliest photographic societies in the world, PSM has a hallowed heritage and was established to bring together photographers and enthusiasts of various hues, to create an opportunity for learning, exchanging ideas, appreciation of the art, exposition of the science, having fun travelling and exploring together.
In its long years of existence, PSM has had members who have been, were and are some of the finest photographers and cinematographers in South India.
This exhibition will have 50  photos on display.

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